Sunday, 24 July 2016

Singapore Garden Festival 23 - 31 July 2016

Singapore Gardens Festival 23 - 31 July 2016
at Gardens By The Bay

The Garden Festival is huge this year. It's happening at the Meadow, the Flower Dome and at Bayfront Plaza. I have visited it once on Saturday and am going there again on Monday. There are simply so much to see. We spent about 4 hours on Saturday there and there is so much more to explore. 

You can always take a buggy ride from one place to another, if you are worried you can't walk so far. It's only $3 per person for unlimited rides.  For ticketing information, visit Singapore Garden Festival 2016 or simply scroll to the end of the blog post. 

At each location, there are many wonderful and amazing exhibits.. Join me and give your eyes a treat. Let's start our journey from the Meadow. Let the photographs do all the talking.. These photographs are just some of the exhibits from designers all over the world, there are many more exhibits are waiting for you to explore and discover. 

*By the way, the kids are in their raincoats because it was quite a rainy morning on Saturday. However, there are some indoor exhibition areas even at the Meadow and Bayfront Plaza. So, even though it was rainy, we still enjoyed ourselves a lot. We enjoyed the exhibits at the indoor area when it was raining and came out as the rain stopped.  


Fantasy Garden - an indoor exhibition.

 Dare to Dream 

Mystical Depths
(United Kingdom)

 Nature's Resolution 
( Italy) 

Landscape Garden

The Garden Palette

 The Sugarcane Maze

Balcony Gardens

The Garden Studio
I love this garden studio as the design and the greenery has such soothing effect. Moreover,  the sound of the water wall has a calming effect. I would love to have this garden balcony. 

Transcending Boundaries
The girls prefer this balcony - beautifully decorated with butterflies and herbs.  

The Bibliophile's Garden
My hubby chose this to be his favorite balcony garden as he prefers to have his very own quiet reading corner. 

Benny's Sunflower Farm

Chairs of the Giants
These chairs were two storeys high. We nearly missed it as we walked passed it. It was only at a distance that we discovered these giants' chairs. 

The kids were excited to find these larger than life chess pieces. We each chose a piece which we felt represented us.. guess which piece we chose...

The King. 

I am the Queen. The most powerful piece in the game. 

Natalie chose the Bishop. 

Emmanuel, the Knight. 

Princess in the CASTLE. 

Gary's Musical Flower Field

Magical Tree Grove

Secret Garden
Peace is what you can find in this enchanted secret garden. Take a slow walk, enjoy the flowers, take deep breath and you can smell the flowers around you. Just be part of nature..

Tea Time

Orchid Extravaganza 

The Garden Festival ticket includes entry to the Flower Dome. So, don't miss the beautiful orchid display. Orchid Extravaganza will run from 22 July to 28 August 2016. I've been to other Orchid displays at the flower dome, but this time, it's simply stunning. There are more than 10,000 orchid plants being displayed, featuring over 100 orchid species and hybrids. There are also many other beautiful flowers all around. 


Floral Windows To the World
There is a total of 14 exhibits in this section. So, there are many more for you to explore. 

Galaxy Floristic

A Scandinavian Touch

The Message Within


Celebrations! Floral Table Series

Penjing & Artistic Stone Exhibition and Competition
This section showcases a wide collection of bonsai, landscaping and natural stone from different regions. At first, I thought this section would be boring, but I was very wrong. I was seriously impressed. 

World of Terrariums
Be enchanted with terrarium displays of various shapes and sizes here. We took some time to look through these beautiful miniature gardens. 

Learning Garden

At the Learning Garden, the 3 kids learnt all about plants that are associated with their favorite local food, desserts and drinks.  It was really fun.. not only were the kids learning, I learnt quite a few things as well..

Did you know that the dessert Cheng Tng came about because of Cheng Tng Tree and its seeds? Well, I really didn't know that... 

What I really appreciate in this Learning Garden is that they really do have a very good write ups and a wide range of plants being displayed. The kids can freely touch and smell the plants. This arouses their interest which then leads to them reading up about it. Hence, they really did learn a lot from here. 

The Singapore Garden Festival runs from 23 - 31 July 2016 at Gardens by the Bay. For more information, visit Singapore Garden Festival 2016.